Latin courses online

As a autodidact in most of the languages that I have any knowledge of, I have to admit that Latin was the one language that allowed me to experience the benefits of classroom instruction at its fullest. The main reason for that is simple: Latin is highly idiomatic and in many cases it is difficult to understand an expression even having a good dictionary at your disposal. Plus, the very content of ancient texts requires a constant running commentary only available from a trained teacher. That said, if your circumstances do not allow for enrollment in a Latin class there are some options to consider. You can learn Latin online at your pace using one of the courses listed below. Bear in mind that these online materials are of different levels of complexity and nature.

The Lukeion Project online Latin classes

The Lukeion Project offers four different levels of Latin classes, taught through live interactive classes. High speed Internet connection is required. At present there is no support for tablets. Tuition per course is under $300, at the time of writing.

Beginners' Latin. The UK National Archives Internet course

The National Archives online tutorial" fills the niche not usually covered in most classrooms. This course strictly concentrates on the Latin language as it was used in British legal documents between 1086 and 1733. The course is free of charge.

Carmenta Online Latin School

Carmenta Online Latin School provides live interaction with the instructor. Tuition is $400.

Linney's Latin Class

Linney's Latin class is a free resource with mp3 audio and other study materials, based on a classic textbook.

The American Academy Latin Courses

The American Academy offers several levels of Latin instruction. Tuition is just above $100 per class.