Latin Vocabulary Game - Tough Little Latin Words

This is a test of a concept. I am using the familary look of a memory game with the no less familiar idea of flashcards. The current set contains only a dozen words, but they are the words that cause the most trouble to people learning Latin - the little words that sound very much the same, but greatly impact the meaning of a phrase. If this method of learning Latin vocabulary proves successful I can very easily create additional sets of flashcards. I already have a database that I can use for that. I hope the game is pretty self-explanatory. You just match the words, click "Check the pair" and if you are correct the two sides of the flashcard will be highlighted using the same color. This allows the user to review the matching pairs afterwards. I am also considering the idea of choosing different colors for the matching words right from the beginning of the session. The concept of this game is based on the idea that vocabulary can be learned indirectly while the user is simply matching the words with the same colors, as in any other similar memory game.

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7/14/08 - The last selected flashcard is now highlighted, as it was suggested by users.

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