Latin quotes, sayings and words of wisdom

There is an abundant amount of great sounding phrases that are scattered throughout original Latin literature, Classical and Medieval. Only a small number can be found here. If you are looking for specific themes and words in Latin quotes, I suggest that you take a look at my searchable database of Latin phrases. Also, I maintain a separate list of legal Latin maxims, only a few of those technical expressions are duplicated in this more general compilation. And don't miss my Latin motto generator!

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Fabas indulcet fames - Hunger sweetens the beans, or hunger makes everything taste good!

Faber est suae quisque fortunae - Every man is the artisan of his own fortune. (Appius Claudius Caecus)

Faber quisque fortunae suae - Each man (is) the maker of his own fortune

Facilis descensus averno - The descent to Avernus (Hell) it's easy to fall, hard to rise

Facilius est multa facere quam diu - It is easier to do many things than to do one for a long time. (Quintilianus)

Facilius per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur - We are more easily led part by part to an understanding of the whole. (Seneca)

Facito aliquid operis, ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum - Always do something, so that the devil always finds you occupied. (St. Jerome)

Facta, non verba - Deeds, not words. (Actions speak louder than words)

Factum est - It is done

Fallaces sunt rerum species - The appearances of things are deceptive. (Seneca)

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus - False in one thing, false in all

Fama crescit eundo - The rumour grows as it goes. (Vergil)

Fama nihil est celerius - Nothing is swifter than rumor

Fama semper vivat - May his/her fame last forever

Fama volat - The rumour has wings. (Vergil)

Fames est optimus coquus - Hunger is the best cook

Fas est et ab hoste doceri - It's proper to learn even from an enemy. (Ovid)

Favete linguis - To keep a (religious) silence. (Horace)

Fax mentis incedium gloriae - The passion of glory is the torch of the mind

Fecit (fec.) - Made by

Felis qui nihil debet - Happy [is] he who owes nothing

Felix culpa - Happy fault

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas - Happy is he who has been able to learn the causes of things. (Vergil)

Felo de se - Suicide

Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt - Men readily believe what they want to believe. (Caesar)

Festina lente - Make haste slowly

Fiat justitia (et ruat caelum) - "Let justice be done. (though the heavens fall)"""

Fiat lux - Let there be light

Fiat voluntas tua - Let Thy will [be done] (Biblical)

Fiat - Let it be done

Fide, non armis - By faith, not arms

Fidei defensor - Defender of the faith

Fides punica - Treachery. (Livy)

Fides quaerens intellectum - Faith seeking understanding

Fidus Achates - Faithful Achates (friend)

Filioque - And from the son (a concept of Catholic Theology)

Finem respice - Look to the end [before setting forth]

Finis coronat opus - The ending crowns the work. (Ovid)

Finis - The end

Flagrante delicto - Caught red-handed, in the very act of a crime

Flamma fumo est proxima - Flame follows smoke. (there is no smoke without fire) (Plautus)

Floreat regina regina - May it flourish. (motto of the City of Regina, Saskatchewan Canada)

Floruit - Flourished

Fluctuat nec mergitur - It is tossed by the waves but it does not sink

Fons et origo - The source and origin

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit - Perhaps someday we will look back upon these things with joy

Forsan miseros meliora sequentur - For those in misery perhaps better things will follow. (Virgil)

Fortes et liber - Strong and free. (motto of Alberta)

Fortes fortuna adiuvat - Fortune favors the brave. (Terence)

Fortiter fideliter forsan feliciter - Bravely, faithfully, perhaps successfully

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo - Resolutely in action, gently in manner. (To do unhesitatingly what must be done but accomplishing it as inoffensively as possible)

Fortitudine vincimus - By endurance we conquer

Fortius quo fidelius - Strength through loyalty

Fortuna amicos parat, inopia amicos probat - The fortune is preparing friends, the abundance is testing them

Fortuna caeca est - Fortune is blind. (Cicero)

Fortuna vitrea est; tum cum splendet frangitur - Fortune is glass; just when it gleams brightest it shatters

Frangar non flectar - I am broken, I am not deflected

Frater, ave atque vale - Brother, hello and good-bye. (Catullus)

Fronti nulla fides - No reliance can be placed on appearance. (don't judge a book by its cover)

Frustra laborant quotquot se calculationibus fatigant pro inventione quadraturae circuli - Futile is the labor of those who fatigue themselves with calculations to square the circle. (Michael Stifel, 1544)

Fugit hora - The hour (i.e. time) flies

Fugit inreparabile tempus - Irretrievable time flies. (Virgil)

Functus officio - Having discharged his duty and thus ceased to have any authority over a matter