Latin Dictionary: choose the right one!

This is based on my old Listmania entry where I listed most Latin dictionaries known to me. I own a good number of the books listed here. Yes, even the Oxford Latin Dictionary. Unfortunately, most image links on this page are no longer working, but the dictionaries are still available, good as ever. And I would certainly like to encourage people not to trust online dictionaries with the exception of the Lewis & Short Latin dictionary (somewhat difficult to navigate, in my opinion).
Incidently, if you are looking for a standalone Latin dictionary for Windows, I have a downloadable version of a complete Lewis & Short's Latin Dictionary

Oxford Latin Dictionary
Author: P. G. W. Glare

The clarity of definitions in this dictionary is unmatched. Keep in mind, however, that this is a Classical Latin dictionary. If you are interested in later Latin it will be of less help. A digitized version of OLD may already be in the works.
Latin Dictionary Founded on Andrew's Edition of Freund...
Author: Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short, Wi...;
Goes beyond Classical Latin. The structure of entries can be confusing at times. This dictionary is pretty old, so you may found its early editions online free of charge, as a searchable database as a part of the Perseus project and also as a DJVU document  here
Elementary Latin Dictionary
Author: Charlton T. Lewis;
A good "every day" dictionary for an advanced Latinist. Don't confuse it with the "full" Lewis & Short! You will still need at least one comprehensive dictionary. Personally, I have both OLD and L&S.
Cassell's Latin Dictionary
Author: D. P. Simpson;
Latin-English, English-Latin. Viewed by many as the best of the kind.
Chambers Murray Latin-English Dictionary
Author: William Smith, John Lockwood;
Latin-English only, a good replacement for a "big" dictionary.
Mediae Latinitatis Lexicon Minus
Author: J. F. Niermeyer, C. Van De Kieft, J....;
A great dictionary, but if you can also get Blaise ("Dictionnaire latin-français des auteurs chrétiens") and Du Cange ("Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae latinitatis", volumes are available at and
Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin
Author: Leo F. Stelten;
There are much better dictionaries of Later Latin, but for the price this one will do. It is also well published.
Collins Gem Latin Dictionary
Author: Harpercollins;
I happen to like the typesetting in this one
Glossary of Later Latin to Ad
Author: Alexander Souter;
Can be used as a companion to Oxford Latin Dictionary
The Latin Sexual Vocabulary
Author: J. N. Adams;
Consecrated Phrases
Author: James T. Bretzke;
Cassell's Concise Latin-English, English-Latin Diction...
Author: D. P. Simpson;
Gardener's Latin
Author: Bill Neal, Barbara Damrosch;
Botanic Latin is ... well... a very special Latin. If that's what you need, that's what you will get.
Langenscheidt's Universal Dictionary Latin
Author: Langenscheidt;
This one will actually fit in a shirt pocket. Far from being comprehensive, but very convenient.
English Words from Latin and Greek Elements
Author: Donald M. Ayers, Thomas D. Worthen, ...;
The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary
Author: John Traupman;
Mnemonic Latin by A. Grishin (Book) in Literature & Fiction
Mnemonic Latin
Mnemonic hints for learning Latin vocabulary and grammar.