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Funny life mottos

"The heraldry of nature or, instructions for the King at Arms: comprising, the arms, supporters, crests, and mottos, both in Latin and English"

A satirical book thusly titled, was published in London in 1785. You probably have to be British and live 200 years ago to fully appreciate it. But some mottos used in it are quite whimsical.

Si recte facias, rex eris - If you do it right, you will become a king.
Neque tangunt levia - Little things don't move me.
Nec juvenes intactos patitur avaritia - Avarice does not leave untouch even the young ones.
Populus me sibilat - Everybody hisses at me.
Sopor occupat artus - Slumber seized my limbs.
Tacere tutum est - It is safe to be silent.
Nil admirari - To be surprised at nothing.
Quo senior, eo immortalitati propinquior - The older, the closer to eternity.
Utinam - Would it had been!
Quod dixi, dixi - I said what I said
Non diu morabor - I shall not linger long.
Vix audeo sperare - I hardly dare to hope.
Adigis me, pater, ad insaniam - Father, you make me insane.
Semper avarus eget - The miser is ever poor.

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