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Latin toasts

Monday, June 8, 2015, 15:42 - Popular Latin Phrases, Mottos, Slogans
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We don't have a definitive collection of Latin toasts from the times of Ancient Rome. The phrases chosen here come from a variety of sources: medieval sayings, classical authors and modern usage. Feel free to use them if the occasion is right!

Ad finem esto fidelis - Be faithful to the end.
Amor patriae - The love of our country.
Bene vobis! - May it be well with you!
Dilige amicos - Love your friends.
Dum vivimus vivamus - Let us live while we live.
Esto perpetua - Be thou perpetual.
Nunc est bibendum - Now, let us drink!
Palmam qid meruit ferate - Let him who has won bear the palm.
Pro aris et focis - For our altars and fireside.
Propino tibi! - I drink to you!
Propino tibi salutem! - I drink to your health! (Along with the previous toast, this one is still used in Italy, although it may only be known since the Middle Ages)
Prosit! - To your good fortune! May things go well for you (commonly used in German speaking countries, shortend to "Prost!")
Salutaria! - This roughly equates to "Cheers!" in meaning.
Vox populi vox Dei - The voice of the people is the voice of God (probably a good toast on an election night).

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