Latin word for death

As all highly advanced and well developed languages, Latin has a good number of words that can be rendered as "death" in a modern English translation. In certain cases specific Latin words convey additional meanings, while some only create a small variation in style. However, in a vast majority of situations the most generic Latin word for "death" works well: mors. If you are unfamiliar with Latin, it is important to know that depending on context this word will appear somewhat differently: mortis, mortem. morte and so on. Latin words simply have more grammatical forms that words in modern English. The following list, I hope, is a fairly comprehensive run-down of most words that can also be used, according to the intent and style of the text. Note that for each word there are two forms given, as it is also the practice in most dictionaries. The first form is the Nominative case, in which a noun would be used for purposes of a simple statement. If you need to find a phrase about death, try looking at this list of sad quotes and phrases in Latin.

mors, mortis - death; corpse; annihilation;

fatum, fati - utterance, oracle; fate, destiny; natural term of life; doom, death, calamity;

funus, funeris - burial, funeral; funeral rites; ruin; corpse; death;

nex, necis - death; murder;

letum, leti - death, ruin, annihilation; death and destruction;

exitium, exiti(i) - destruction, ruin; death; mischief;

obitus, obitus - death (naturally from old age), visit

excessus, excessus - death (a rather polite and formal way of saying it), departure

The Latin language also has a good amount of phrases that denote dying (synonyms for the verb morire - to die):

Vitam exhalare Vitam expiare Vitam edere Spiritum emittere Occidere Mortem obire Ex vita discedere Extingui E vivis migrare Vitam cum morte commutare Interire Mortem cum vita commutare Diem obire Vitae curriculo decedere Vitam defungi

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