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      • Deus ex machina

        "A Literary Manual of Foreign Quotations, Ancient and Modern" by John Devoe Belton interprets the phrase in this fashion: "A god out of a machine. This expression indicates the intervention of a person who solves a difficulty or hastens the denouement at a critical junctur

      • Greek Alphabet
        Another little Flash program of mine:

        Learn the Greek alphabet

        Nothing too fancy, but may be useful especially if someone experiences difficulties with the order of the letters. The program includes a Greek alphabet chart, a learning mode chart and three testing modules.

      • Cuil search - first results lack lustre
        A bunch of folks that quit Google started their own search engine, Cuil (pronounced "kool"). A very poor choice of company name, but whatever. Google is not exactly an ear pleaser. It was launched today. I searched for Latin Motto Generator, because, to my knowledge, I have a unique page t

      • Obama amabo - An amusing wordplay

        For the uninitiated, "amabo" means "I shall love" in Latin. And Obama means... Actually, I don't know what that means. And it's not my point here at all :)

        A few weeks ago my professor showed to me this palindrome. At first I thought that an attem

      • Latin quote from 'Braveheart': Ego numquam pronunciare mendacium, sed ego sum homo indomitus
        Ego numquam pronunciare mendacium, sed ego sum homo indomitus
        Supposed to mean "I never tell a lie, but I am a savage."

        I have seen Braveheart only once a long time ago, so I have no idea at what point in the movie this phrase comes up and in what context. It does, however,

      • Codex Sinaiticus Online
        Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. Its heavily corrected text is of outstanding importance for the history of the Bible

      • Vox populi - vox Dei
        Vox populi - vox Dei
        The voice of the people (is) the voice of God

        Reading the Wikipedia article about the meaning of the phrase "vox populi (vox dei)" one may experience some confusion regarding the origin of the expression:

        Often quoted as, Vox populi, vox dei,

      • How I buy books (and how I got the Archaeological Study Bible)
        First of all, I try to use the library:) But on those rare occasions when a particular book is absolutely necessary for me to own I nearly always end up buying used copies through Amazon. But I always check to see if someone is presently running fantastic special deals. I type "borders coupons

      • Symbol of purity and Platonic love? Non tangunt et amant.
        Non tangunt et amant
        They are not touching, and yet they love

      • Symbola et emblemata: Jungit amor
        Jungit amor
        Love unites

      • Symbola et Emblemata: Non sic omnis vitabitur ardor
        The moral, of course, is in the fact that while the gentleman is trying to escape the heat of the day in the pleasant shade of the trees he is subject to a different sort of heat - the heat of love.

        Non sic omnis vitabitur ardor
        Non every sort of heat will be thus avoided

      • Symbola et emblemata: Me viso videare tibi
        Me viso videare tibi
        As you see me, you are seen by yourself

      • Symbola et Emblemata: Quod facile emergit, non est durabile
        I am going to post a series of pictures from a French book entitled "Emblesmes d'Amour". As one might guess, the book contains short love quotes along with with engravings full of symbolism. Brief interpretative discussions also follow, but I've decided to leave them out for now.

      • Sad Quotes in Latin
        Here is a little collection of sad quotes and phrases in Latin. They range in their mood from confused annoyance to mild depression.

      • Latin Vocabulary Game
        I made a very simple vocabulary game in order to test out a method of learning foreign words that is based on combining the idea of a memory game and the concept of flashcards. I could very easily increase the number of words available in this program, but I would like to know it this approach is he

      • Painting of Rome
        About a month ago someone approached me regarding the origin of the painting that is displayed in the header of my site. To my dismay, I completely forgot where I got it from. I think it's an Italian master from the XVIII century, but I could be wrong. Maybe French? Most likely I found the pict

      • About Latin Tattoos
        I am extremely well aware that numerous people end up at my site in search for that perfect tattoo in Latin. As a public service, I would like to suggest a link to this little FAQ on the subject. My own advice, of course, is to be as cautious as possible. Or just get an engraved ring, for goodness s

      • Home library design
        Very few things warm up my heart quite as much as nice pictures of home libraries. At present, I cannot afford allocating a single room for books and books only, but that would sure be nice! Naturally, anyone with a flair for the classics can very easily fill up half a dozen tall bookcases without e

      • Business name ideas: How to use Greek to build the image of your company
        As promised, I return to the issue of finding creative and appealing names for modern businesses. Although the economy is going through one of its less stellar moments this may be the right time for people to try new venues and there is no reason to suggest that the number of start-ups has not been

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