Many Latin expressions are used in books and in everyday English speech, and you will certainly find most those phrases listed and translated on my site. However, the existing body of Latin literature, both Classical and Medieval is extremely vast. There are many undiscovered gems of wit and wisdom, so I encourage you to study Latin :) The source for a quote is sometimes indcated, but one must remember that Latin quotations are often used as if they were anonymous maxims of universal wisdom. Unlike the collections of quotes that you will find on some other websites, these lines have been actually looked at more than once by someone who knows Latin. I am sure, however, that some typos have not been fixed, so do not assume that anything you find here is safe and good enough to be tattooed on your person! Always ask a Latinist before using a Latin quote for any permanent purpose.

This site also hosts a plethora of imporant resources about Latin, as well as some other languages. Most notably, there a list of legal Latin maxims. Elsewhere on this site there are Latin phrases used in medicine, heraldry, jewelry engravings, sundials and Latin love poems. There is even a motto generator that lets you create Latin phrases without knowing Latin!

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E contrario - From a contrary position

E pluribus unum - From many, one (motto of the USA)

E re nata - As circumstances dictate

E vestigio - From where one stands

Ecce homo - Behold the man

Ecce signum - Behold the proof

Editio princeps - First printed edition

Ego et rex meus - I and my King

Ego me bene habeo - With me all is well. (last words) (Burrus)

Ego nolo caesar esse - I don't want to be Caesar. (Florus)

Ego spem pretio non emo - I do not purchase hope for a price. (I do not buy a pig in a poke.)

Ego - Consciousness of one's own identity

Eheu fugaces labuntur anni - Alas, the fleeting years slip by. (Horace)

Eiusdem generis - Of the same kind

Emeritus - Honorary; by merit

Emitte lucem et veritatem - Send out light and truth

Ense et aratro - With sword and plow

Eo ipso - By that very act

Eo nomine - Under that name

Epistula non erubescit - A letter doesn't blush. (Cicero)

Eram quod es, eris quod sum - I was what you are, you will be what I am. (grave inscription)

Ergo bibamus - Therefore, let us drink

Ergo - Therefore

Errare humanum est - To err is human. / It is human to err. (Seneca)

Errata - A list of errors (in a book)

Erratum (errata) - Error (errors)

Esse est percipi - Being is perception. (It is a standard metaphysical) (Mauser)

Esse quam videri - To be, rather than to seem (state motto of North Carolina)

Est autem fides credere quod nondum vides; cuius fidei merces est videre quod credis - Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. (St. Augustine)

Est deus in nobis - There is a god inside us

Est modus in rebus - There is a middle ground in things. (Horace)

Est queadam fiere voluptas - There is a certain pleasure in weeping. (Ovid)

Esto perpetue - May you last for ever

Et alii/aliae - Other persons/things

Et cetera/etcetera (etc.) - And the rest

Et in arcadia ego - I, also, am in Arcadia

Et sequens (et seq.) - And the following

Et sequentes (et seq. Or seqq.) - And those that follow

Et sic de ceteris - And so to of the rest

Et tu, Brute - And you, Brutus

Et uxor (abbreviated et ux.) - And wife

Etiam capillus unus habet umbram - Even one hair has a shadow. (Publilius Syrus)

Eventus stultorum magister - Events are the teacher of the stupid persons. Stupid people learn by experience, bright people calculate what to do

Ex abrupto - Without preparation

Ex abundancia cordis, os loquitor - From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

Ex animo - From the heart (sincerely)

Ex ante - Before the event, beforehand. (economics: based on prior assumptions)

Ex cathedra - From the chair. With authority (without argumentation)

Ex cearulo - Out of the blue

Ex curia - Out of court

Ex dolo - Intentionally

Ex gratia - Purely as a favour

Ex hypothesi - From the hypothesis. (i.e. The one under consideration)

Ex libris - From the Library (of)

Ex luna, scientia - From the moon, knowledge. (motto of Apollo 13)

Ex mea sententia - In my opinion

Ex more - According to custom

Ex nilhilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing

Ex officio - By virtue of his office

Ex opere operato - By the work having been worked

Ex parte - By only one party to a dispute in the absence of the other

Ex post facto - After the fact, or Retrospectively

Ex proprio motu - Voluntarily

Ex silentio - From silence. (from lack of contrary evidence)

Ex tempore - Off the cuff, without preparation

Ex uno disce omnes - From one person learn all persons. (From one we can judge the rest)

Ex vi termini - By definition

Ex voto - According to one's vow

Ex - Out of

Excelsior - Ever upward. (state motto of New York)

Exceptio probat regulam de rebus non exceptis - An exception establishes the rule as to things not excepted

Exceptis excipiendis - Excepting what is to be excepted

Excitabat fluctus in simpulo - He was stirring up billows in a ladle. (He was raising a tempest in a teapot) (Cicero)

Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta - He who excuses himself, accuses himself (qui s'excuse, s'accuse)

Exeat - Permission for a temporary absence

Exegi monumentum aere perennius - I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze. (Horace)

Exempli gratia (e.g) - For the sake of example

Exeunt omnes - All go out. (A common stage direction in plays)

Exeunt - They go out

Exit - He/she goes out

Exitus acta probat - The outcome proves the deeds. (the end justifies the means) (Ovid)

Experientia docet stultos - Experience teaches fools

Experientia docet - Experience is the best teacher

Expressio unius est exclusio alterius - The mention of one thing may exclude others

Extempore - Without premeditation

Extinctus amabitur idem - The same [hated] man will be loved after he's dead. How quickly we forget. (Horace)

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus - Outside the Church [there is] no salvation. (A phrase of much disputed significance in Roman Catholic theology)

Extra territorium jus dicenti impune non paretur - The judgment (or the authority) of one who is exceeding his territorial jurisdiction is disobeyed with impunity